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Please help me what is the ionic equation for AgNO3(aq) + Na3PO4(aq)?

Not sure what I'm doing wrong here is what I have so far 3Na^+(aq) + PO_4^-3(aq) + 3Ag^+(aq) +3NO^3-(aq) --> 3Na^+(aq) + 3NO^3-(aq) + Ag_3PO_4(s)

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    The full ionic equation looks ok. To make the net ionic equation cancel the 3NO3^- and 3Na^+ to become
    3Ag^+(aq) + PO4^3-(aq) ==> Ag3PO4(s)

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    I think the nitrate ion is the problem here, too. Write it as NO3^-. It's the NO3 that has the 1- charge, not the NO that has the 3- charge.

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