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Wha volum of steam is produced when log of propyrie is burnt in excess oxygen at s.t.p?

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    i guess log is 10g???...stp is standard temperature and pressure. in this condition, 1 mole of gas contains 22.4L.

    Is it propyrie or propyne??? whateva it is, its an organic compound so would yield H2O and CO2 when combusted completely.

    here's what you must do;

    construct a balance equation for the complete combustion of propyrie.

    obtain the mole ratio between propyrie and H2O.

    calculate the mole of propyrie using m/Mr, and use the mole ratio to determine the mole of H2O steam.

    use 1mole = 22.4L to determine the volume of H2O steam.

    hope that helps...

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