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A vendor bought 150 breadfruits at $2 each 20 of the breadfruits were bruised and could not be sold.She sold 30 of the remainder at $2 each and the rest at $1.80 each.Find whether he made a profit or loss and the amount.

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    The vendor sold them at a loss.

    He paid $300 for the breadfruits.

    He sold 30 at $2. for a total of $60.

    He sold 100 at $1.80 for a total of $180.

    300 - (60 + 180) = $________ loss

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    It is immediately clear that he lost money, since he sold each fruit at cost or less, and didn't even sell them all.

    spent: 150*$2 = $300
    Sold 130 and made
    30*$2 + 100*$1.80 = $60+180 = $240
    Lost: 60

    Poorly set-up problem. Should have specified that some of them were sold at a profit, eh?

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