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Can someone please double check my answers (My answers are in Capital)

1. If you produce a million products a day and you want to test ten of them to determine if they are up to standard, which ones will you choose?
a. The second ten
c. The last ten
d. The first ten

2. What is the first step in solving any type of research problem?
b. Analyzing data
c. Plotting trend lines
d. Plotting graphs

3. What type of variable can inappropriately affect extrapolate data?
a. Independent variable
b. Lurking variable
c. Obvious variable
d. Dependent variable

(I'm not sure about this one

4. When taking a power function and transforming it into a linear function, you get y=ax^b and is equivalent to log y=(log a + b + x)

5. Exponential data follows the equation y = ab^x

6. One type of data set that is non-linear in nature is the exponential function


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    All good to me.

    For number 3, I am not sure if I understand the context of the question.
    I interpret it to mean what variable can adversely affect the accuracy of extrapolated data, in which case I choose independent variable. If an independent variable is chosen out of the applicable range, then the result will be doubtful.

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