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1.Mark makes Php 40.00 per hour if he works 40 hours or less.If works overtime,he makes an additional Php 5.00 per hour as overtime pay.What would be his total pay if he worked 58 hours?

2.The world's greatest known ocean depth of 36,201 feet was recorded in the Marianas Trench.The altitude of the Mt.Everest,yhe highest point on earth,is 29,028 ft.How many ft above the bottom of the Marianas Trench is a climber who has reached the top og Mt.Everest.

3.The DLC Company reported the following four quarterly earnings : Php 600,500 ,Php 6,480 Php 230,456 and Php 8500.What was the total profit or loss for the year

  • math -

    1. $40(40) + $45(18) = ?

    2. 36,201 + 29,028 = ?

    3. I don't know what "Php" means nor the costs of operating.

  • math -

    Php is pesos..
    Wat is the formula?

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