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An object is thrown directly up (positive direction) with a velocity (vo) of 20.0 m/s and do= 0. Determine how long it takes to get to the maximum height of 24.0 m.

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    I don't get what d0 means. Explain properly

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    Displacement with Constant Acceleration.This equation may be used to find the displacement of any object moving with constant acceleration. that's what it says

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    initial position d₀=0,
    The maximum height at the motion with initial velocity v₀=20 m/s
    H=v₀²/2g=20²/2•9.8 = 20.4 m (!!!)

    v(fin)= v₀ -gt,
    v(fin)=0, =>
    0= v₀ -gt =>
    v₀ =gt,
    H=gt²-gt²/2= gt²/2,
    t=sqrt{2H/g}=sqrt(2•20.4/9.8)=2.04 s

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