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I have reduced my paragraphs to a few sentences. Please, let me know if it is OK.

1) In point of fact, the suffragettes had to face old stereotypes: the press ridiculed them, people treated them with indifference and hostility and the police attacked them both physically and verbally.
2) In her journal Emmeline points out the differences between male and female education. Her parents discussed the question of her brother’s education as a matter of real importance.
3) In contrast, her own education and that of her sister were scarcely discussed at all. In point of fact, female education was mainly confined to home making and child rearing.
4) To make themselves heard they held large marches in London, went on hunger-strikes, tied themselves to gas street lamps so as not to be taken away during demonstrations

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    2. You need a comma after journal.

    Everything else is excellent.

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