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Hello, I have Business and Technical Writing paper and it has me a little stumpped. I just don't know how I can fill the requirements of the paper by the detail scenario given. I am assuming that based on the scenario I can adress the problem as a communication malfunction But based on the Step 1 of the Assignment how would I throw it all together??? ... or am I just thinking too far into this???

Int the last three months, two of the top two management people (an artist and a account executive) have left the branch. Each for a position with a competitor.

Seven others (3 graphic designers,4 copywriters are threatening to quit because they feel their creative efforts are being rejected or revised without consultation. They want to be part of a collaborative team, not produce work that the art directors and account executives evaluate arbitrarily.

In an attempt to show increased profability, the branch is accepting all potential clients without evaluating the accounts in terms of current project workload. As a result, without being given any notice and without compensation for the additional hours, al employees are working long hours several days each week. Employee moraleand productivity seem to be decreasing with each passing day.

Heres Step 1:
Write down initial problems employes may be facing that could result from this outcome?
Pick one problem (I chose lack of communication)
Now brainstorming further using one problem make a list of "Whys" of that problem to determine the fundemental causes of the problem. (Think of the problem as a set of symptoms of a illness that you need to treat. What disease is causing the symptoms? What areas of the body are affected by the disease?)

Heres Step 1

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