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Grammar (Ms. Sue)

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Copy the items below, adding exclamation marks as needed. Then, label each item an exclamatory sentence, an imperative sentence, or an interjection.

1. I hate being lost in a desert
2. I want water
3. Yippee It's going to rain.
4. Oh, no It's a flash flood
5. Get to high ground
6. Hurry The water is rising quickly
7. That was close
8. What a frightening sight that is
9. Whew Let's go home
10. I can't wait to tell my friends

My additions to these sentences are the following:
1. I hate being lost in a desert!-exclamatory sentence.
2. I want water!- exclamatory sentence.
3. Yippee! It's going to rain.-interjection.
4. Oh, no! It's a flash flood!- interjection.
5. Get to high ground!- imperative sentence.
6. Hurry! The water is rising quickly!- interjection.
7. That was close!- exclamatory sentence.
8. What a frightening sight that is!- exclamatory sentence.
9. Whew! Let's go home!- interjection.
10. I can't wait to tell my friends!- exclamatory sentence.

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    It's impossible to tell out of context if all of these sentences need exclamation marks.

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    What do you mean?

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    If a person were actually lost in a desert, then an exclamation point would be appropriate. However, if the sentence were

    I hate being lost in a desert, even though I quickly found my way home.

  • Grammar (Ms. Sue) -

    Are you unable to tell me whether my additions to the sentences are correct or not?

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