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Hey you :)
Can you please read that letter to my host family? Can you maybe give me tips what I can add? what I don't have to say? And look up the grammar?
Thank you Minnie

Dear Host Family,

My name is Minnie. I’m 21 years old, my birthday is on 2nd September. I study to become a teacher one day, my subjects are English and catholic religion. For my study I have to go in a foreign country, therefore I chose Ireland. I only know Ireland from films and book, and I really looking forward to see it “in real”.
And now I want to tell you something about me and my family.
My parents are Elisabeth and Andreas. I’m an only child, but my mom has 4 sisters and by dad 1. So I grow up in a big family. And I love all of them very much and like to be with them, for birthdays, Christmas, or just so.
My godson is David-Jan. The child of my cousin and his wife. He is born in 2010 and I often look after him since then.
My hobbies are swimming, fitness and reading. I am very commit in the Catholic Church. I am an altar server since 2005 and since 2007 I’m the head of the altar server group. As the head it is my duty to organise the group session, think about what games we play, what songs we sing and to practice with the children. In our group are 15 children, at the age from 9 to 16. I like it really much to be together with them.
Since 2012 I work in a Kindergarten. I am in a group with 21 children at the age from 3 to 6. The work in the Kindergarten is really nice and helped me a lot to get ready for the au pair employment. Because there I have to changing diapers, prepare breakfast, have to play with them, sing, take care about them and comfort them when they are sad, no matter if they are sad why they are ill, or fallen down or something else. At my time in the kindergarten I also work a few years with children about the age from 1 ½ - 3 years age. I really enjoyed the time and think that I am grown with that work.
With that experience I think that I am in a good position to work as an au pair.
I said that my family is a very important part of my life, and also are my friends. I have a few friends, out of times of school, and even if we all study or do some on the work training everywhere in Germany, we try to meet at least 1 time a month, to talk and laugh together. Therefore we meet in Siegen, our home and sit down in a pub or at home of one of us. In Siegen we have lots of mountains, everywhere you want to go you have to go a hill up, or down. But we have a lot of forest here. I like that, because you go or drive a little and you are in a nature. But an the other hand, you go in the other direction and you are in the city.
I think now you know a little bit about me. You know, that I can’t mention all in this letter, and I hope that you give me the chance to tell you more about me and that I can gat to know you.
I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

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    This looks good. Your English, while not perfect, is very good.

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    I thank you! First for reading the letter and second for motivating me my saying my english is good :)

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