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SAT math

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Can someone please double check my true and false answers!
1. All cylinders are prisms: TRUE

2. The angle opposite a side length of 6 cm in a triangle is larger than an angle opposite a side length of 7 cm in the same triangle: FALSE

3. The perpendicular bisector of the base of any isosceles triangle also bisects the vertex angle of the triangle: TRUE

4. Each diagonal of a square bisects an opposite angle: true

5. Alternate interior angles are the angles that are both interior to two lines and on alternate sides of the transversal that intersects them: TRUE

  • SAT math -

    1. FALSE
    cylinders are generally round. Prisms have sides. Are all circles polygons? Only in the limiting sense that they are polygons with infinitely many sides :-)

    2. FALSE
    3. TRUE
    4. TRUE
    5. TRUE

  • SAT math -

    1. I just thought since prisms and cylinders both have 2 bases they might be considered the same...Unlike pyramids that have only 1 base.

  • SAT math -

    No Curves!

    A prism is a polyhedron, which means the cross section will be a polygon (a straight-edged figure) ... so all sides will be flat!

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