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Two liquids A and B on mixing form an ideal solution. The vapour pressure of the solution containing 2 moles of A and 4 moles of B is 0.2 atm. If the vapour pressure of pure A at a certain temperature is 0.3 atm then what will be the vapour pressure of pure B at that temperature?

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    nA = 2 mols
    nB = 4 mols
    nTotal = 6 mols

    XA = (2/6) = about 0.3
    XB = (4/6) = about 0.7--you can do these more accurately and I've estimated the other values below, also, so you will need to redo the whole problem.
    pA = XA*PoA
    pA = 0.3* 0.3 = about 0.09

    Ptotal = 0.2 = pA + pB
    You know Ptotal and pA, solve for pB

    Then pB = XB*PoB
    You know pB and XB, solve for PoB.

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