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3. The legal status of most athletes in professional team sports in North America was for many years governed by the reserve system. The reserve system was designed to (C)
A. give players total control over their own careers.
B.increase the salaries of the best athletes on a predetermined schedule.
C.give team owners nearly total control of players and their careers.
D.give wealthy team owners an advantage over other team owners.

4. The storylines presented in major professional wrestling emphasize that (B)
A. working men are either victimized or privileged by greedy bosses.
B.women are hard workers dedicated to their mates and families.
C.success is based on working together in supportive relationships.
D.being physically talented is better than being a dramatic performer.

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    I don't want to have to keep posting numerous questions Ms.Sue.I don't want anyone to be mad at me for trying to get help.

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    3 is correct. I don't know about 4.

    As long as you post your answers, it's fine.

    Are these questions for an exam?

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    ok. they are short review questions and #4 c

    The Internet is different from television in that the Internet (D)
    A.has sites that are sponsored only by corporations.
    B.provides users with high quality sequential programming.
    C.cannot give users the same quality of sports commentary as television can. users control that can radically alter their media experiences.

    7. Even though many sport events have low ratings, television companies want to broadcast them because they fill "dead time" on weekends and because they (D)
    A.last longer than a normal half-hour or one-hour show.
    B.bring family members together around the television.
    C.appeal to children and other impressionable people.
    D.attract an audience that sponsors want to reach.

    8. In the coverage of women’s sports, it is common for the media to (D)
    A.erase any acknowledgment of lesbian or gay athletes.
    B.ignore the husbands and children of heterosexual female athletes.
    C.focus disproportionately on homosexual athletes and their lifestyles.
    D.ignore all aspects of sexuality.

    9. Politics are part of sports and sport organizations. Which of the following is NOT an aspect of sports that involves political processes? (D)
    A.Deciding where sport events will take place.
    B.Making and enforcing rules governing competition.
    C.Setting goals and motivating athletes and coaches.
    D. Determining who is eligible to participate in certain sports.

    10. Sports do bring people together and create "emotional unity," but a sociological understanding of the significance of this unity requires that we ask questions about (D)
    A.the characteristics of the athletes who create this unity. the unity affects the performance of sport teams.
    C.the long term political consequences of the unity.
    D.the different types of unity created by men’s and women’s sports.

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    I agree with all of your answers except for 10. Please check your book.

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    if i am understanding correctly the answer would be (D) as well

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    #5 Sport orginizations try to make money from "rights fees" paid by (A)
    A. electronic media that want to sell sport audiences to advertisers
    B. organized groups of spectators who seek the right to watch events
    C.local businesses who seek the right to sell things at sport events.
    D.newspapers whose journalist write about sport events.

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    I agree with 5.

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    Ms.Sue is number 10 still wrong ?

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    I don't know whether 10 is wrong or right.

    I would vote for A, but I could well be wrong. As I said, double check your book.

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    OK Thanks a lot Ms.Sue

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    You're welcome, Ashley.

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    The media most dependent on sports are

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