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How to get quick responses to your math questions

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Math is a wide subject, ranging from K to 11, college and university. Then there is algebra, trigonometry, geometry, arithmetic, calculus, number theory, ... etc.

Not all teachers answer all math questions (many do). If you would give a little more detail on which branch of math to which your question relates, it will not only help teachers sort out the questions quickly, but also will attract attention of your colleagues who work in the same area to help you. Example subjects could be

In short, the more precisely your "school subject" is described, the more chance the question will be answered quickly. Try not to put just "Math" unless you really have no idea.

It's up to you!

  • How to get quick responses to your math questions -

    - DO check that the question you are about to post is complete and accurate before pressing the "post" button.
    - Do not omit parentheses. If the numerator or denominator of a fraction has more than one term, you need parentheses around them when you transcribe the expression onto a single line.
    - If you have a figure that accompanies the question, either describe it completely in words, or post it at an image server and (try to) post the link.
    - Some math symbols (omit spaces shown):
    ° & d e g ;
    π & p i ;
    ≥ & g e ;
    ≤ & l e ;
    α & a l p h a ;
    ∫ & i n t ;
    Σ & S i g m a ;
    √ & r a d i c ;
    ² & s u p 2 ;
    ³ & s u p 3 ;
    italics < i >italics< / i >
    bold < b > bold < / b >

  • How to get quick responses to your math questions -

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