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Grammar (Writeacher) or (Ms. Sue)

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On your paper, write the comparative and superlative degrees of the following modifiers. If the degrees can be formed in two ways, write the -er and -est forms.

1. high
2. friendly
3. fully
4. low
5. steep
6. painful
7. early
8. small
9. brisk
10. near

My answers are the following:
1. higher; highest
2. friendlier; friendliest
3. more fully; most fully
4. lower; lowest
5. steeper; steepest
6. more painful; most painful
7. earlier; earliest
8. smaller; smallest
9. brisker; briskest, more brisk; most brisk
10. nearer; nearest

  • Grammar (Writeacher) or (Ms. Sue) -

    All are correct. :-)

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