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3. Utilitarians evaluate the morality of an act by examining the consequences of the act.

the person carrying out the act.

the feelings of the person carrying out the act.

the amount of pain generated by the act.

4. Logic will examine which of the following arguments? (Points : 1)

5. Ethics is the study of (Points : 1)
propositional knowledge.
right and wrong.

6. A philosophical argument should involve (Points : 1)
hurt feelings.
evidence or reasons.

7. One studies ethics because (Points : 1)
it provides insight into moral problems.
it solves all moral problems.
it causes migraine headaches.
it makes one more popular.

8. Virtue ethics regards which of these as virtues? (Points : 1)

9. The three classical ethical theories are (Points : 1)
ontology, utilitarianism, and radicalism.
emotivism, oncology, and virtue ethics.
deontology, virtue ethics, and materialism.
utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics.

10. One objection to utilitarianism is that it
(Points : 1)
is too difficult to make popular.
was developed by the English.
may ignore minority rights.
fails to consider an act’s consequences

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