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Please don't just give me the answer, because I won't learn that way. I am home schooled, and my parents are at work during the day.

Which sentence corrects the following sentence?
The final decision must be made by Ellen and he.
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A. The final decision must be made by Ellen and him.
B. The final decision must be made by him and Ellen.
C. The sentence is correct.

I believe the answer is C. The sentence is correct.

I think that the answer is C because the sentence sounds right when I say it out loud, however, the first two also make sense. Could you give me a hint or explain to me with some examples and such? I really don't like posting on here, because some people consider it cheating. My parents say that it's okay as long as I'm learning, though. So, again, please don't just give me the answer. Explain :)

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    Whoa! Beware of what "sounds right!" Often that will lead you astray.

    The quick way to figure this out is to omit "Ellen and"

    The final decision must be made by (he or him?)

    Also -- the proposition "by" must be followed by object pronouns.

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    The answer is not C.

    The answer is either A or B (I'd choose A) because "Ellen and him" serves as the object of the preposition "by."

    The object form of "he" is "him"

    He is very tall for an 8th grader. (He = subject)
    I lost my respect for him. (him = object of preposition "for")
    The doctor saved him in the operating room. (him = direct object)

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    I understand now, thank you.

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    I got the question correct on my practice quiz, thank you.

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    You're very welcome.

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