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Lifeguard Assignment

Chris doesn’t like children, but he works as lifeguard at the Brigeland Community swimming. He does not like children a lot, but he is working as a lifeguard at the Brigeland Community swimming pool. He spends most of his time at the swimming pool. It is weird to work with children and teach them how to swim or dive. He is a very athletic swimmer who loves to swim all the time. Chris wants to join the diving team and became a good diver. He is living alone because his parents are separated, and he does not remember a lot of things about his father. However, Chris is old enough to remember him when his parents were separated. Chris’ father disappeared years ago from his life suddenly. And then he sees him one day at the swimming pool. At first Chris was appalled. Chris does not realize that he is his father. He feels bad when he realizes . That day, after watching him dive, his father disappeared again. His father watches Chris while he teaches children how to swim and dive.Suddenly Chris notices that Mike is swimming in the deep end of the pool

Mike comes to learn to swim for free. Mike is probably in grade 6, and he wears glasses. He is a very intelligent boy.Chris shouts on him that he is not allowed to swim in the deep end until he learns how to swim. Mike insists that he have something to show him. After a few dives, he can not prove himself. On Sunday Chris says to his mother that his father comes last week, and her mother is surprised. She starts asking Chris that why his father come to meet him. She also asks his son that they talk to each other or no.Chris is spending his time at the pool and sometimes pushing himself to dive from a higher position. One day, Chris is diving and an old lifeguard Keith who is working yield at him. Chris to office and plays a video of a Russian diver who dives from a high position and hit himself. Keith does not give a chance to Chris to explain. When Chris comes out of the office Mike calls him, he is so angry that he shouts on him. After a few days later Chris realises that Mike is not coming, he feels guilty that why he shouts on him. Some parents are talking about Mike’s parents who are killed in the accident. Chris feels so sad and he decides to meet Mike. Because of the accident Mike cannot speak, walk, hear, and so on. Chris meets Mike regularly and talks to him. Chris is a diver too, and dives because it is the only way to hide his pain. Diving is something that Chris can feel proud of it .However,he makes mistake to jump faster and harder to the poo. The couch offers him a lessons classes.When he turns his father already left. For the last five days Chris just comes to work and go back to home without visiting Mike. The nurse says to Chris that Mike is looking for him. When he meets Mike, he shares all his problems with Mike and cries. Chris offers to Mike to come to the pool and starts swimming. The nurse brings Mike to the pool and plays with him.
One day,Chris notices that Mike is looking at the deep of the water, and Chris wishes that Mike should try to swim . When he sees Mike, he is already in the deep of swimming pool. The caretaker of Mikes yells and tries to jump into the pool to save Mike; however, Chris holds his arm and not allows him to go to Mike. Everyone is incredibly shock and confuse and giving dirty look to Chris. Finally everyone realize that Mike is fine, and he starts splashing the water.When Chris turns to check the pool, he sees his father again in the room. Chris still works there, and his father sometimes come to meet him. However, they both just look to each other without talking. Also, Chris watches Mike while he is in the pool as he promised.

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    What is your question?

  • English Please answer ASAP -

    I did the paraphrases. I want to know is it the correct way r no

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    I can't tell whether your paraphrase is correct without seeing the original.

    Check it your self by studying this site carefully.

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