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Why did immigrants and farmers settle in big cities at the end of the 19th century?

My answer: Immigrants and farmers settle in large cities because, once there, even workers with few skills could usually find steady work.

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    Or " Immigrants and farmers settle in large cities to find jobs?"

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    Miss Sue?

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    *Ms. Sue

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    Yes, the former farmers made more money in the cities than they could on the farm.

    Also, consider this. Many of the farmers who moved to the cities came from farms that their pioneering ancestors bought cheap or homesteaded it for nothing. But they had children and grandchildren. The original farms weren't big enough to support this extended family. The young farmers couldn't afford to buy their own land. Therefore, moving to the cities was a good economic decision for most of them.

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    Which answer do you think is more suitable?

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    All of them.

    Just don't copy my answer word for word.

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    But, since I can only give one answer, which one of my own would you suggest?

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