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Trigonometric Functions! (Ferris Wheel)

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The Ferris wheel at a carnival has a diameter of 18m and descends to 2m above the
ground at its lowest point. Assume that a rider enters a car at this point and rides the wheel
for two revolutions

My main problem is how to get the phase shift. (The answer says its 270 degrees)

  • Trigonometric Functions! (Ferris Wheel) -

    well, since sin(x) has a max at x=90, and a min at x=270, that phase shift makes sense. You will have something along the lines of


    The radius of the wheel is 9, and the whole wheel is lifted 2m, so we have


    see, at x=0, y=9(-1)+11 = 2
    at x=90, y=9(0)+11 = 11
    and so on

  • Trigonometric Functions! (Ferris Wheel) -

    Thank you very much Steve!

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