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Pseudocode Format

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Need help writing this using pseudocode format: Carly gets paid annually, and she would like a program that will figure out the amount of money she will be receiving each pay period. To make this simpler, we are not worried about any deductions.

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    lots left unsaid here.
    (first, if she's paid annually, that means the pay period is one year.)

    I think you mean she has an annual salary. You need to divide that salary by the number of pay periods to get the pay per period.

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  • Pseudocode Format -

    Write pseudocode for the following scenario:

    You are driving a car coming to an intersection that has a stop sign. You will make a right turn at the intersection.

    Determine the logical steps involved and write the pseudocode.

    Answer the following questions when completing your assignment:

    •What are your inputs?
    •What is your expected output?
    •What are the logical steps the automobile takes to complete the turn

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