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algebra 2

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which point is a solution to the following systems of inequalites

-4x+ 5y> 20
8x + 3y < 24

  • algebra 2 -

    You have an infinite number of points which are a solution to the given system.
    from the first:
    y > (4/5)x + 4
    sketch y = (4/5)x + 4 , using a dotted line
    shade in the region ABOVE that line

    from the 2nd:
    y < -(8/3)x + 8
    draw a dotted line y = (-8/5)x + 8
    shade in everything BELOW that line

    Any point in the region shaded by both will be a solution
    e.g. (-5,5) works for both inequations
    (-10,0) works for both inequations.

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