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What does Audre Lorde's poem School Note mean? Most notably, what does the last stanza, "My children play with skulls/ and remember / for the embattled / there is no place / that cannot be / home / nor is."?

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    If I could find a copy of it, I might be able to help. Is her work still under copyright?

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    Here is a copy of the poem:

    My children play with skulls
    for their classrooms are guarded by warlocks
    who scream at walls collapsing
    into paper toilets
    plump witches mouth ancient curses
    in an untaught tongue
    test children upon their meaning
    assign grades
    in a holocaust ranging
    from fury down through contempt.

    My children play with skulls
    at school
    they have already learned
    to dream of dying
    their playgrounds were graveyards
    where nightmares of no
    stand watch over rented earth
    filled with the bones of tomorrow.

    My children play with skulls
    and remember
    for the embattled
    there is no place
    that cannot be
    nor is.

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    Wow! She was a really angry person, wasn't she?

    I think this whole poem translates that anger into words. I'm not sure, but that's how it reads to me. When was this originally published, do you know?

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