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Chemistry pH

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What is the pH of a solution that is .60 M H2SO4 (Sulfuric acid) and 1.7 M HCOOH (formic acid).

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    How advanced is this class?
    The simple answer is (H^+) = 0.6M from the first ionization (100 % that is) from H2SO4 and the (H^+) from HCOOH and H^+ from k2 of H2SO4 is ignored. You can go through the calculation to determine how much additional H^+ comes from k2 for H2SO4 and Ka for HCOOH. My suspicion is that because of the common ion effect of H2SO4 that the H^+ from both of these other sources is suppressed and in effect you may neglect them. However, some profs want you to show that they can be neglected.
    Then pH = -log(H^+) = -log(0.6) = ?

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