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Alg 1

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Issa is driving to the airport to catch a flight to miami, and her arrival depoends on traffic. If the traffic is light, then she can drive 60 mph and arrive at the airport 1 hour early. If traffic is heavy, she can drive 35 mph and arrive at the airport on time.
The equation below models this situation, where t represents Issa's driving time in hours. 60(t-1) = 35t What is the distance, in miles, from Issa's house to the airport?

I came up with the answer of 2.4 miles; however, that is not one of my options.
1.4 miles
84 miles
60 miles
109 miles

Plese solve and explain where I went wrong.

  • Alg 1 -

    60(t-1) = 35t
    60t-60 = 35t
    60t-35t = 60
    25t = 60
    t = 2.4 Hours. NOT 2.4Miles.

    d = 35*2.4 = 84 Mi.

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