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For my early childhood education final exam/Ideas? My teacher said i have to create my child and choose 1 out?
For my early childhood education final exam/Ideas?
My teacher said i have to create my child and choose 1 out of 5 (ADHD,Aspergers syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Epilepsy, and Mental Retardation. I need to choose the age of my child, gender, and then choose specific challenges my child is going to exhibit base upon the disability. for example, Sally is 6 years old with all different symptoms/behaviors. Any Ideas? I need help choosing the disability, etc. I just need to get good grades on it. Thank you

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    First of all, be sure to read all you can about each of those conditions. Look them up at either or both of these sites:



    Until you choose one of those 5, you can't get started. Choose wisely ... something you're VERY interested in. If you're not really interested in finding out more about it, you'll have a tough time writing the paper.

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    I hope you LEARN as well as "just" getting a good grade on it.

    We need knowledgeable teachers; we don't need teachers who don't do their work just to get good grades.

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