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Sphere A, with a charge of +64 C, is positioned at the origin. A second sphere, B, with a charge of -16 C, is placed at +1.00 on the x-axis. Where must a third sphere, C, of charge +12 C, be placed so that there is no net force on it?

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    F=0 if E = 0
    The point is located to the right from the second charge at the distance ‘x’ =>
    kq₁/(X+x)² =kq₂/x²
    64/(1+x)² = 16/ x²,
    3x²-2x-1 =0 ,
    x₁=1, x₂=-1/3 (※)
    Ans: Coordinate of the point is X+x =1+1 =2

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