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What are the goal and practices of mormons?

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    The Goal
    Every cult has a stated, vague and metaphorical goal. Because this goal must serve as the "illuminated eye" of the pyramid, it cannot be attainable. Rather, it is expressed as an abstract idea - like "salvation" - which the cult members will enjoy once they have made it to the top of the pyramid.

    So what is the ultimate goal for Mormons? Nothing less than Godhood, not salvation. Mormons don't talk about salvation as the ultimate goal. They talk about "Exaltation" and "having all that God has," becoming "priests and kings" and having "kingdoms, thrones, principalities, powers, dominions and exaltations."

    The top of the Celestial Kingdom is the goal for Mormons. Yet very little is known about it. And it's certainly impossible to attain and experience that goal in this life. Best case scenario is you die and go the Celestial Kingdom, but it's not something that exists or can be reached during this life.

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    Thanks alot

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    Victor needs to cite his source.

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