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If you were going to compare & contrast FDR and LBJ what aspects of their lives would you compare what aspects would you contrast. I am writing a paper on them and what to get some ideas and see what other people think is important, in the end I will choose my own topics, just curious.


    This is not a website on which you should be taking surveys!





    I'm not taking a survey!I'm simply asking advice geez.I already have sources.


    " ... and see what other people think is important ... "

    Sounds surveyish to me!

    Anyway, once you figure out what you will compare (similarities) and what you will contrast (differences), let us know, and someone here will be able to help.


    That is why I posted here in the first place I don't know what aspects to compare and what to contrast. I don't need help with anything else. this is a homework help website isn't it?

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