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31. In order to effectively manage money, you need:
a. A computer
b. An online checking account
c. A budget
d. A high paying job
35. Which statement is not true about extended warranties?
a. Most warranties are about 50-60% commission.
b. Only 12% of the warranty covers the statistical probability of the item breaking.
c. You are better off to self-insure through your emergency fund.
d. Warranties are worth the cost.
36. What is the primary difference between allowance and commission?
a. Allowance is paid regardless of the work that gets done.
b. Commission is paid regardless of the work that gets done.
c. Allowance is more apt to teach a better work ethic.
d. All of the above

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    All of your answers are wrong.

    Please go back and read your book.

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    I have c for the answer on 31.

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    Right. 31. c

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    I don't understand why 35 isn't c.

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    35 asks which is NOT true.

    I don't know what your book says, but most people I know don't consider an extended warranty to be worth the cost. Very little happens to a product after the initial warranty expires. As I told a Sears salesman years ago, I buy from Sears because I expect the product to last a long time.

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    All my book talks about is home warranties.

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    Chloe has a $2,500 credit limit on her credit card and has charged $1,295.19 to her account. There is a 1.5% finance charge on the $1,295.19. How much must Chloe pay to clear her account?

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