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I had posted some of these questions a few days ago, but i had trouble finding the answers to these questions in the sites. Can you please answer them with giving sites. Thanks :)

what are some fun things to do in guadeloupe(ex: biking, water skiing, theatre)?

What are some main cities in Guadeloupe?

What are the travel costs(flights, trains, hotels)?

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    Please read those five sites more carefully.

    The travel costs depend upon where you're coming from. I know there are several hotels listed in at least one of those sites.

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    We posted six different sites.

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    I know but im having trouble finding the answers, it doesnt tell me any fun things, etc.. please help me

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    Those sites didn't give me anything, thanks for nothing.

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    Didn't you see this part in the last link? "nude beach"

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    thats not a fun thing to do, my teacher would probably get mad at me if i wrote that.

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    Is it possible that there's nothing to do on Guadeloupe that YOU consider fun? What about things to do that other people might consider fun?

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    k forget it, ill find the answers on my own, this site doesnt help anyway. thanks.

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    Tess, we try to help but we don't know our question askers personally so it can sometimes be frustrating. As to the question at hand I suggest calling the Auto Club (AAA) and ask to speak to a travel agent there.800-814-7471 You may get handed around the telephone tree for a bit but they are very friendly and helpful, give it a try. :)

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