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3.How was Napoleon able to control the countries neighboring the French Empire?
He placed French garrisons in the countries. Made members of his family their head of state who in turn acknowledged Napoleon's will. He required them to supply him with soldiers during his campaigns and elevated many of them, such as the Electorate of Saxony to the King of Saxony. He also exported his civil code and the belief in human rights to these countries.

4.How did Great Britain combat Napoleon’s naval blockade?
Napoleon never had any kind of blockade on Great Britain. It was the other way around. His navy was never that powerful, and after a few major engagements, notably the battle of Trafalgar, it was pretty much impotent. The British almost always had control of the seas. Even during the lulls between wars, the British hated the French Republic so much that all sea traffic in or out of French ports was seized and sailors and passengers imprisoned, the majority never returning home.

Napoleon countered by ordering that no European nation should trade with the British and he enforced this on the continent. He took British travelers in Europe prisoner, the same way the British did on the sea. The British cried "foul".
5.Why was the Congress of Vienna considered a success?
It created peace and stability within the continent.

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