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Brianna works at a sunglass shop. She earns $9 per hour and a $1 commission for each sale she makes. From July 1 to July 5, she saves all her money and doesn’t spend anything.

Each day, from July 1 to July 5, Brianna worked 4 hours.

• On July 1, Brianna made 4 sales.

• On July 2, Brianna made 3 sales, and worked 1 extra hour.

• On July 5, Brianna made 2 sales.

If Brianna had $225 at the end of July 5, how much money did she have on the morning of July 1?

  • math -

    7/1 -- 36 + 4 = 40
    7/2 -- 45 + 1 = 46
    7/5 -- 36 + 2 = 38

    Add the totals together and subtract from 225.

  • math -

    Flora’s class collected 236 books. They are placing the books in boxes. If each box holds 8 books, how many boxes can they fill? if there are books left over, what portion of the last box will be filled?

    30 full boxes
    29 full boxes and 1 box that is full
    29 full boxes and 1 box that is full
    28 full boxes and 1 box that is full

  • math -

    Your last question and answers don't make sense.

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