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a. 2 objects each of mass 200 kg and 500 kg are separated by 50 cm. Where body of mass 20 kg should be placed so that the resultant force of gravity experienced by objects equal to zero?

b. launched a rocket leaving Earth. Known radius of the earth 6.4 x 10 ³ km and acceleration of gravity is 10 m / s ^ 2. big footed rocket set off in order to escape the force of gravity?

c. a body of mass 10 kg below the height of 130 km above the earth's surface. if the radius of the earth 6370 miles, how heavy objects at that height?

d. if the gravitational field at the Earth's surface 9.8 m / s ^ 2. the magnitude of the gravitational field at the height of the surface of the earth is R? (R is the radius of the earth)

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