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A candy store currently sells almonds for $8.50 per kilogram and peanuts for $4.50 per kilogram. It wants to create 20 kilograms of mixed nuts that will equivalently sell for $5.30 per kilogram. How many kilograms of almonds should they use?

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    almonds rate per kg is $8.50 , peanuts price per kg is $4.50 and avg price is $5.30
    so subtract avg value from the given prices we will get the ratio of almonds to peanuts
    so the ratio of almonds to peanuts is
    3.2 : 0.8
    but by the method the ratio gets flipped so the new ratio of almonds to peanuts is
    0.8 : 3.2
    using formula
    0.8/3.2+0.8 *20
    0.8/4 *20=4
    4 kg is the right answer

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