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Quantitative analysis

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Input Output Model

The Xavier Corporation has a digital electronics division and a plastics division.
For each dollar's worth of plastics produced, the plastics division uses $.10 worth ofplastic and $.20 worth of electronics.
For each dollar's worth of electronic equipment produced by the electronics division, the electronics division uses $.40 worth of plastic and $.20 worth of electronics.

Based on the information provided above, answer the following:

1. Set up the input-output matrix of this corporation.

2. One month the plastics division produces $25 million worth of plastic products, and the electronics division produced $32 million worth of electronics. Find the value of plastics and electronics produced internally.

3. Find the value of plastics and electronics that must be produced for the corporation to provide external sales of $36 million worth of plastics and $44 million worth of electronics.

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