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10cm^3 of aa hydrocarbon was completely combusted in 200cm^3 of O2. It was found that there was 20cm^3 of O2 remaining and the volume of CO2 produced was 120cm^3. Determine the formula of the hydrocarbon.

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    .......CzHy + O2 ==> CO2 + H2O
    10cc CzHy x (ratio) = 120cc
    so the ratio must be 120/10 = 12 and the equation becomes
    CzHy + O2 ==> 12CO2 + H2O
    and this means z must be 12; ow the equation is
    C12Hy + O2 ==> 12CO2 + H2O

    What's the ratio for O2?
    10 cc C12Hy x ratio = 180 cc O2.
    So ratio must be 18 and the equation becomes
    C12Hy + 18O2 ==> 12CO2 + H2O
    Now balance the O atoms
    C12Hy + 18O2 ==> 12CO2 + 12H2O
    Use that to balance H
    C12H24 + 18O2 ==> 12CO2 + 12H2O
    Check my thinking.

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