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How many moles of P4O10 are produced when we react 8 moles of phosphorous with oxygen? I know the answer is:
4 mol P produces 1 mol P4O10
8 mol P produces 2 mol P4O10.
Or, 1 mol P4O10 x (8 mol P / 4 mol P) = 2 mol P4O10.

but, what is the balanced equation?

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    Note the correct spelling of phosphorus.
    P4 + 5O2 ==> P4O10
    The "answers" in your post make me think you are using phosphorus as P when in fact it is P4. Therefore,
    8 mols P4 x (1 mol P4O10/1 mol P4) = 8 mols P4O10

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