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5th grade math (word problems)

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I'm not sure how to solve this: A group of friends went to an amusement park. 10 of them rode the ferris wheel, 15 rode carousel, and 11 rode the roller coaster. 7 of them rode both the ferris wheel & roller coaster. 4 rode both the ferris wheel & carousel. 5 rode both the carousel and roller coaster. 3 rode all three rides. HOw many friends went to the park?

Ferris wheel & roller coaster 7-2 = 5
Ferris wheel & carousel 4-2 = 2
carousel & roller 5-3 = 2
carousel, ferris wheel, & coaster = 3

5 + 2 +2 +3 = 12 people?

  • 5th grade math (word problems) -

    These are best done by using Venn diagrams
    (google 'Venn diagram' to get a better idea of that)

    Here is a nice short youtube video of a problem that resembles yours, and explains it step by step.

    draw the 3 circles within the rectangles and follow the steps outlined in the video
    you should get 23 going to the park

    let me know if you need further help

  • 5th grade math (word problems) -


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