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Mrs.Koh purchased new books for the school library, of which 6 were Mathematics books, 7 were Science books, 10 were Music books, 3 were Art books, and 4 were
social studies books. All of these books were different. She picked a book from each subject to display in a row on a self. How many different possible displays could there be?

  • MATHS -

    number of choices for a row
    = 6x7x10x3x4 = 5040

    now each of these can be arranged in 5! ways

    so number of possible different displays = 5!(5040)
    = 604800

  • MATHS -

    there are 8 boxes on the shelf. 2 of the books are fiction. the rest are nonfiction what fraction of the books are fiction

  • MATHS -

    In a bookcase, there are 7 fiction books for every 4 nonfiction books. There are 33 books in the bookcase. How many nonfiction books are in the bookcase?

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