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Identify the direction and all possible interpretations of each of the following correlations. Be sure to identify each example as positive, negative, or zero (not correlated). Then give all possible causal interpretations for the results.

Many students in Professor Handel’s class express that they want a review session. Professor Handel agrees to hold an open review session for two hours the day before the exam. He then has his TA write down when each student arrives at the session and when they depart. When the exams are graded, Professor Handel announces there will be no more review sessions. The longer students spent at the review session the lower their score on the exam.

this is what I think:
negative correlation
interpretation that the longer the students reviewed impacted their exam grade

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    It is negative, but why would longer reviews reduce exam grades (causes)? Fatigue factor for students or teacher? Less intelligent students require more review time? Is there a grading bias against the students who attended longer? Something else?

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