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All of the guests at the party partook in libations of all sorts to honor the hostess of the party.

a meal of several courses

*the pouring of drink as an act of respect

the sharing of kind words when in a large group

a form of gift giving that pays respect to a friend

When asked why she always wore dresses instead of pants, the teenage girl said, “It’s my prerogative."

family values

From Emperor to Citizen is a biography of the last emperor of China.


Thank You.

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    I agree with your first two answers, but not the third.

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    why not the third one?

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    he wrote it about himself. that is an autobiography.

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    Ohhh -- ok. I missed that part. You're right, that statement is false.

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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    I just took the test & the third question is false

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