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A surgeon is using material from a donated heart to repair a patient's damaged aorta and needs to know the elastic characteristics of this aortal material. Tests performed on a 16.0 cm strip of the donated aorta reveal that it stretches 3.16 cm when a 1.60 N pull is exerted on it.

What is the force constant of this strip of aortal material?

If the maximum distance it will be able to stretch when it replaces the aorta in the damaged heart is 1.42 cm , what is the greatest force it will be able to exert there?

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    The force constant of the aorta material is
    K = 1.60/0.0316 = ____ N/m
    That's about 50 N/m

    If stretched 0.0142 m, it will exert a force equal to
    0.0142*K. N

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