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If you are keeping slavery, how will you improve the conditions of slave life?
I do not know how to answer this question, can someone please help me.

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    You've already asked questions that tell how to improve the lives of slaves.

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    oh okay.

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    Thank you for helping me out :)

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    You're welcome. :-)

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    Can I say that slave life conditions can be improved by having and/or get a job in the field and get paid for it, and treat slaves as they are a citizen. Also, I can improve it by having them work less so they can be more alerted to what is happening around them.
    Is that good or not? If so, can you help me make it better?

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    The point of slavery is that the laborers are not paid. If they were paid and were free to move and change jobs, then they wouldn't be slaves.

    If slaves were citizens, then they could vote and probably would vote to abolish slavery.

    Stick with making them work less and not get beaten. You could also have a law to forbid breaking up families. If one slave were sold, his wife and children would go with him.

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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