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I need a variety of tutors opinions and choices of what song they like the best.
just write the name of the song amongst with the artist


  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    "We Shall Overcome"

  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    Who is the artist?
    please ask other tutors to answer as well!!

  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    The artist? This song was sung by huge crowds of people!

    My favorite artist:

    And a beautiful choir:

  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    how can i make other tutors answer?

  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    The short answer -- you can't!

    You'd probably have better luck posting this on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    I don't have accounts
    is there any chance if you spread the word across

  • Music-PLEASE ANSWER! -

    You would also have better luck asking this on or another site like that. This is not a website for taking surveys!

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