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algebra 1 help

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3) the ideal width of a safety belt strap for a certain automobile is 5 cm. an actual width can vary by at most 0.35 cm. write an absolute value inequality for the range of acceptable widths.

a. |w+5|≤ 0.35
b. |w-0.35| ≤ 5
c. |w+0.35|≤ 5
d. |w-5|≤0.35

my answer is C

4) what number makes this inequality equivalent

-6v ; v>-0.5

5) give one solution to the inequality

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    #3. D
    Consider. |w-5| is the difference between w and 5, in either direction. That difference must be at most 0.35

    #4. not sure what is intended, unless it's -6v < 3

    The way the question is phrased makes me think there's supposed to be a quadratic.

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