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Word box beacon berserk celestial chasten confiscate data detract encounter epic pantomime pessimist precaution prosecute puncture retaliate sham uncouth underscore wholesome wistful

13.So there I was with a(n) ___ in one of my rear tires, on a lonely road, on a dark night and during a violent rainstorm

15.My definition of a(n) _____ is someone who worries about the hole in the donut and forgets about the cake surrounding it

16.In ancient times people gazed at the sky and studied the planets and other ___ bodies to predict the future

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    16 is wrong. The other two are right.

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    18.Although he could speak no english he made us understand the use of _____ that he was extremely thirsty

    19.The workbook directions instruct the user to ____ the subject of each sentence in red and the predicate in blue

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