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I have to come up with a speech about what I feel should go into room 101.
Room 101 is a british tv programme, which came from a book. It's basically when people give reasons of what they don't like. The presenter decides, what goes into room 101.

I am doing a similar thing in my school.
I have chosen to do "girls who wear a lot of make up. I'm simplyfying my speech into 10 reasons.

1.It’s a waste of time
2.It’s a waste of money
3.You just look ridiculous
4.Who cares what you look like?
5.It makes you look fake
6.(I believe that) The real you is beautiful you
7.At the end of it all you’ll end up looking like Kat from Eastenders!

I need help to come up with more ideas. Any suggestions?

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    8. Some people could assume you're a tramp or prostitute
    9. It's inappropriate for school.
    10. Too much make up disturbs the educational process.

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    I agree with 9 & 10.
    But 8 isn't exactly appropriate reason as I don't want to offend anyone.

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    I need to add humour as well!
    But humour isn't exactly my strongest point! :)

  • English-Room 101 speech -

    Nonetheless, 8 is true. Some people, like me, could assume the girl is a tramp.

  • English-Room 101 speech -

    I really want to say that and I do think the same. But my teacher gave a set of rules, which consisted of us to not offend anyone and to give constructive reasons.
    sorry but teacher nowadays have VERY high expectations!! :)

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