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In the first three days of its launch, the Galaxy Music Store sold 14 CDs of album x, 8 of album y, and 6 of album z through Branch A. Through Branch B, the store sold 7 CDs of album x, 13 of album y, and 4 of album z. Branch C sold 2 CDs of album x, 11 of album y, and 1 of album z. The total sales from each branch were as follows: Branch A: $166, Branch B: $145, Branch C: $84. What is the price of album y?

Select one of the options below as your answer:






  • Calc -

    14x+8y+6z = 166
    7x+13y+4z = 145
    2x+11y+z = 84

    Looks like (E)

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