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The Fe3+ ion has electronic configuration of d5. if all five electrons are unpaired. what is the spin state?

(a) singlet
(b) sextet
(e) none of the above the answer is____

Also Which of the following 1H are most deshielded relative to the TMS standard at 0 ppm?

(a) CH3F
(b) Ch3Cl
(c) CH3Br
(d) CH3I
(e) none of the above the answer is________

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    M = 2s + 1
    s = (1/2)*5
    Looks like M = 6 to me.

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    Could you help me with the second one as well please?

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    The answer to the second one is (a) because its the most electronegative.

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    No, I can't help with part B.

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